New real estate Saturday, Jun 19 2010 

I’ve moved here – – to consolidate my blog and my website: please do have a look!  A link to the Under the Poppy blog/site can be found there as well, or you can simply go here.

I also moved that brown divan under the window, and the ficus tree is now out on the porch.


Shopping for a top hat: Under the Poppy on Kickstarter Wednesday, May 19 2010 

You put your fishnets on one leg at a time, right? And then you reach for the top hat?  So will our talented actors, thanks to “Buy Some Knickers for A Floozy, our Kickstarter project that’s just gone live.  We’re asking for pledges to fund our costume budget for Under the Poppy onstage, coming to the Chrysler Theatre at the Detroit Opera House in early 2011.  The costumes will be a wonderful amalgam of Victorian, punk, Romantic, gothic style, as created by award-winning designer Monika Essen.

Kickstarter is a fun platform to use – you can tell we had a good time making that video – and our premiums are meant to be fun, too: everything from scratch’n’sniff cards to signed prints of the gorgeous costume sketches to a signed copy of Under the Poppy.  So if you want to have a share in the good times, come on over to Kickstarter and pledge $10, $25, or go wild and buy a whole costume for $500. It’s like playing dress-up with real live people!

Under the Poppy onstage! Sunday, Apr 4 2010 

I’m elated to be able to announce that the stage adaptation of my novel Under the Poppy has found its theatrical home: at the Chrysler Black Box Theatre at the Detroit Opera House, home of the Michigan Opera Theatre.  To be able to present our production in a venue like this – as the chandeliers sway below, and downtown winks from the windows – is a total thrill.  And for a first-time playwright, watching my story come to life in such a wonderful space … well, you can imagine.  Cartwheels!

The April fools Thursday, Apr 1 2010 

Oh, the ones who told us what we never thought we’d hear, who gave us what we didn’t know we needed, who made our eyes go wide, who made us furious until we understood.  The ones who helped us learn such excellent new bad habits.  The ones who laughed at what no one else thought was funny, who made inappropriate jokes, who showed us that gallantry smiles even in – especially in – terrible places.

The ones who picked us up at the airport at 5:30 AM, who cheered us on, who bought the T-shirt, who read all the way to the end and said, “It’s brilliant!”  And meant it.

The ones who never, ever said “But why would you want to?”

Remember to give some love, today, to those people in your life who are, or were, to you what no one else could be: the fabulous April Fools, who do it all with such panache, every single day of the year.

Jumping the Candlestick with Debbie Monday, Mar 1 2010 

It’s Monday, which may or may not be entirely good news, but I’m happy to pop up on Deborah Diesen‘s blog Jumping the Candlestick, as part of her “Michigander Monday” series.

When I was a kid, I thought for sure that to be a “real” writer – you know, a Published Author – you had to live somewhere glamorous and taxified and elbow-patchy (you know, those blazers that professors wear in movies), a hazy realm that might have been an idealized New York but was certainly the Land of Publishing, a glorious land where everyone was smart and witty and knew everything you didn’t … Yes, I know, but I didn’t then. Eventually I learned that good writing goes on everywhere, the only trick is to find the place that allows you whatever mix of hustle and solitude suits you: and then you can forget all about the whole thing and get your work done. For me, that place is the D.

Alternatives for Girls Thursday, Feb 18 2010 

Alternatives for girls … if you’re female, think of how you wish the world, your world, could be.  If you’re a girl, a young woman, think of the choices you have before you today, this minute, right now.  If you’re older, remember your own girlhood, what alternatives were open to you.  Did you feel you had all you needed? all you wanted?  Did you feel you were free and able to go, do, be whatever you and your strengths and talents might choose? If you’re male, with a sister, a daughter, a partner, a best female friend, think of her.  And we can all think of our mothers, what their alternatives in life are, could be, could have been.

And when you’re done thinking of all of that, consider Alternatives for Girls, and if you’re in the Detroit metro area, consider what you might do to help out.  One especially rockin’ way might be to check out City of Glass, brought to you by the fashionistas at Lost & Found Vintage and the purely cool folks at Pure Detroit.  Be there for a girl you know, or the girl you want to be.  Or the girl you grew up to be! The alternatives are there for you ….

Love, love, love those city kids Tuesday, Feb 9 2010 

See here the future of Detroit: Isn’t she fab? and all alive to everything the city’s got to offer. Fly on, city bird!

Bowie Ball, paging 14-year-old me …. Monday, Dec 14 2009 

If this had been happening when I was fourteen I would have gone nuts with joy and found a way to go, no matter what.  Ziggy Stardust absolutely rocked my world (still does); I was known in my junior high for being that chick who was, like, obsessed with David Bowie, who is David Bowie, that big weirdo.  As it is, I can only clap my hands and say yeah! The fact that BowieBall took place at (Le) Poisson Rouge is just icing on the cake, or rouge on the cheek.

Come as you are Friday, Oct 30 2009 

What’s your Halloween costume this year?  I’m going to a steampunk party, so I’m busily constructing a garment worthy of the affair, taking into account my (extremely limited) crafting and sewing skills (though I’m hell on wheels with a glue gun, yo, kind of).

But what if we really did have to come as we are to a Halloween party, any party?  Not as we look, but as we ARE?  What in the world would we wear? Forget wear, would we even go? Naked as little shell-less turtles?

This is a tough one.  Please pass the candy corn.

candy corn

Because all dogs should be able to do this Saturday, Oct 24 2009 

I’m on a lot of animal rights lists, and I see a lot – a LOT – of human behavior toward animals that stuns me to fury and despair. (One of the reasons I wrote straydog, actually.)

But sometimes I see this, instead. (Thanks to Deborah Silver.)

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