See Emily play! Sunday, May 30 2010 

Oh, snap!


826Michigan is going to teach you a lesson Wednesday, May 26 2010 

But only if you sign up in time for the Fall Fiction Writers Conference, September 24-26, where I’m happy to say I’ll be part of “PUBLISHING IN GENERAL AND THE YA NOVEL IN PARTICULAR,” a Q & A session with Barbara Shoup, Lara Zielin, and Margo Rabb, where we’ll talk about, what else, publishing and YA.  For more details follow the link, or contact for info.

Shopping for a top hat: Under the Poppy on Kickstarter Wednesday, May 19 2010 

You put your fishnets on one leg at a time, right? And then you reach for the top hat?  So will our talented actors, thanks to “Buy Some Knickers for A Floozy, our Kickstarter project that’s just gone live.  We’re asking for pledges to fund our costume budget for Under the Poppy onstage, coming to the Chrysler Theatre at the Detroit Opera House in early 2011.  The costumes will be a wonderful amalgam of Victorian, punk, Romantic, gothic style, as created by award-winning designer Monika Essen.

Kickstarter is a fun platform to use – you can tell we had a good time making that video – and our premiums are meant to be fun, too: everything from scratch’n’sniff cards to signed prints of the gorgeous costume sketches to a signed copy of Under the Poppy.  So if you want to have a share in the good times, come on over to Kickstarter and pledge $10, $25, or go wild and buy a whole costume for $500. It’s like playing dress-up with real live people!

The pungent mysteries of compost Friday, May 14 2010 

…or, what happens to old stories/novels/fragments? Mine go into drawers, or piles, or (if they’ve reached the almost-there phase, which may or may not mean the work itself is actually finished) files in the “Work” folder, to occasionally be examined later. And very occasionally mined.  But almost never do they climb back into the light to become more than interesting fodder, the detritus of experiments worked awry. Sometimes failing better really is the way to go.

Buddha Boy at ZHS Thursday, May 6 2010 

While you enjoy this outpouring of creativity from the Zephyrhills High School students who read, considered, and made Buddha Boy their own, please note that there was also music composed and performed, found poetry, writing, discussion, a letter from the Criminal Justice class detailing the civil and social costs of bullying, donations collected (via begging bowl) for a victim of bullying … the list goes on and on. Oh, and did I mention the engaged and energetic GSA? What fantastic kids! What a visit. I wish I could spend a week there walking the halls, taking in everything, and, especially, talking to the students.  Thank you, ZHS students and faculty and administration, and the tireless Kari Kadlub who worked so hard to make this happen.

One book, one school, Buddha Boy … Tuesday, May 4 2010 

… at Zephyrhills High School, near Tampa, Florida: look for me there Wednesday, May 5.  I’m looking forward to hearing all of the opinions and ideas, to answering questions and asking some, too, to rediscovering this story through the minds of new readers, all the students, teachers, staff. Every reader creates, recreates, a book anew.