Oh, the ones who told us what we never thought we’d hear, who gave us what we didn’t know we needed, who made our eyes go wide, who made us furious until we understood.  The ones who helped us learn such excellent new bad habits.  The ones who laughed at what no one else thought was funny, who made inappropriate jokes, who showed us that gallantry smiles even in – especially in – terrible places.

The ones who picked us up at the airport at 5:30 AM, who cheered us on, who bought the T-shirt, who read all the way to the end and said, “It’s brilliant!”  And meant it.

The ones who never, ever said “But why would you want to?”

Remember to give some love, today, to those people in your life who are, or were, to you what no one else could be: the fabulous April Fools, who do it all with such panache, every single day of the year.