Here’s a story I co-wrote with one of my favorite writers in the world, and one of the best, least sentimental, most erudite, and funniest writers I have ever read: Carter Scholz. “Clod, Pebble” is a little moral conundrum; anyone who’s ever waited in one of those interminable bookstore signing lines will understand, and double that if you’ve ever sat behind the table.

In my experience of collaboration – Carter and I wrote “The Doctrine of Color” together as well as “Clod, Pebble”, and Barry N. Malzberg and I wrote a lot of short fiction – it’s a real joy to work that way with another writer, a way very different from working alone, where all the dash and all the burden are your own.  This is what musicians (and interestingly enough, both Carter and BNM are musicians, too) must feel when they jam together: the back-and-forth, the froth, the play.  Hope you enjoy our effort.