It’s Monday, which may or may not be entirely good news, but I’m happy to pop up on Deborah Diesen‘s blog Jumping the Candlestick, as part of her “Michigander Monday” series.

When I was a kid, I thought for sure that to be a “real” writer – you know, a Published Author – you had to live somewhere glamorous and taxified and elbow-patchy (you know, those blazers that professors wear in movies), a hazy realm that might have been an idealized New York but was certainly the Land of Publishing, a glorious land where everyone was smart and witty and knew everything you didn’t … Yes, I know, but I didn’t then. Eventually I learned that good writing goes on everywhere, the only trick is to find the place that allows you whatever mix of hustle and solitude suits you: and then you can forget all about the whole thing and get your work done. For me, that place is the D.