Next week (March 4, to be exact, from 4 – 7 PM), at Salem High in Canton, MI, I’ll be helping facilitate at the Queer Summit, hosted by the P-CEP GSA.  The stated purpose is to “build relationships among LGBT teens and straight allies, develop a network of GSAs, and more,” and I strongly suspect the “more” will involve intense conversations, good ideas, and a big dose of the Operative Word. If you want more information, or to hurry up and be part of it, you can email Gretchen Miller:

If the idea of a gay-straight alliance is new to you, there’s a wealth of information here that you can learn from. And even if you think you know a lot, there may be a fact or two that will surprise you.  Like, did you know that a straight kid had the idea for the first GSA?  I didn’t, but now I do.

All kids needs the support of their peers and of adults to make the most out of school, not only as a learning environment but as a human environment. Straight kids benefit as much as LGBT kids from a school where all kids are respected.