Alternatives for girls … if you’re female, think of how you wish the world, your world, could be.  If you’re a girl, a young woman, think of the choices you have before you today, this minute, right now.  If you’re older, remember your own girlhood, what alternatives were open to you.  Did you feel you had all you needed? all you wanted?  Did you feel you were free and able to go, do, be whatever you and your strengths and talents might choose? If you’re male, with a sister, a daughter, a partner, a best female friend, think of her.  And we can all think of our mothers, what their alternatives in life are, could be, could have been.

And when you’re done thinking of all of that, consider Alternatives for Girls, and if you’re in the Detroit metro area, consider what you might do to help out.  One especially rockin’ way might be to check out City of Glass, brought to you by the fashionistas at Lost & Found Vintage and the purely cool folks at Pure Detroit.  Be there for a girl you know, or the girl you want to be.  Or the girl you grew up to be! The alternatives are there for you ….