Alice (of Wonderland), Harriet (the Spy), and Peter (the Rabbit): risk-takers, transgressors, trusting in luck, circumstance, the evidence of the eye, to get them into and out of trouble, or at least to the middle of some very interesting gardens, notebooks, glass houses, situations. And while Harriet may have learned something about the nature of humanity, not excluding her own, and Alice may have something to mull over with her tea, and Peter had to get a new jacket – I never thought for a hot second that any of them were soberly bound never to repeat their adventures, or adventures thoroughly different, I never thought any of them “learned their lesson.” Which made me love them more, as a child, as a reader, and makes me love them still.  Crawl under those garden gates, get chased by chess pieces, say in writing exactly what you think.  Whee!  The Operative Word of 2010 is in full operation in each of those books, forever and ever, amen.