Recommended for You, or, in this case, me, the following tomes:
Quiet Bunny, by Lisa McCue
Rimbaud: The Double Life of a Rebel, by Edmund White
Field Experience: A Guide to Reflective Teaching (7th Edition),
by George J. Posner
American Moderns: Bohemian New York and the Creation of a New Century, by Christine Stansell
Naked Lunch, by William Burroughs

I’ve already got the Burroughs and the White, but bunnies and bohemians are fields of great interest to me, and I’m heading to Seton Hill next week, so the reflective  teaching one….Some soulless program’s got me pegged, yo.

Sidebar: with a gift certificate in hand at Brooklyn’s fun Word, I spent it on Edmund White’s Hotel de Dream and Baby Farm Animals, a Little Golden Book.  And the gift-giver, shopping with me, smiled in amusement and said, “As soon as I saw that Little Golden Books carousel …” So he knows me pretty well, too.