I remember a saint I once knew – I can’t remember his name, sadly, but he was a teacher of writing, and I was a wary lump at the back of the classroom.  And he gave us an assignment, a writing exercise, and we did the assignment, and the next day he stood in front of the class and said, “Everyone here completed the exercise the way I suggested.  One person did not.”  That was me.  He read my story and praised my story with its unorthodox POV, and his praise was so whole-hearted that I remember it still.  I wish I knew his name.  I wish all our saints, living here or in memory, all the ones who did us good, or helped us most by keeping hands off when we needed to do it alone, I wish for all those saints a dazzle and a rest commensurate with their achievements, unseen and unsung, maybe, but still reverberating.  Thank you, teacher of writing in the St. Clair Shores school district, thank you very, very much.