From two anonymous readers/citizen reviewers, each giving a view of my novel Talk:

“This book was TERRIBLE!!! It was confusing and I couldn’t catch up with what was going on. I put it down in the middle because it was so bad. I never want to read or hear of this book ever again…don’t read it.” (One star. Maybe that’s obligatory?)

“This is one of my absolute favorite books. Due to its unique form of storytelling the reader is able to see the same event from the different perspectives of both of its main characters. The story is uniquely engaging and can easily be read more than once by anyone looking for something different to read or for someone looking for something that makes you think.” (Four stars.)

This is exactly what I want to happen when people read my stuff: same book, complete, polarizing clash of opinions.  And neither one said it was “a nice story” or a “good yarn”, an outcome that would grieve me no end. I want my work to be a happy challenge, like the first time someone showed you an artichoke and said, You know, people eat those.