I don’t really look at parenting magazines anymore, and an article I found yesterday in one of them – no, we’re not going to give it any linkage – makes me glad I stopped.  It purports to advise worried Mr. and Mrs. Middle of the Road, who can remember the “kids who just didn’t fit in at high school,” and fear that their own child … might be … a nerd.  What to do? Force-feed the kid a soccer ball? Take away those awful eyeglasses? Or you could “encourage” your child to “blend in” – because who wants to be a lump in the deliciously bland gravy of Life, right?

What a load.  Parents, if your child’s “difference” makes you nervous for his/her well-being at school, why not confront the ones who are doling out the “harsh treatment” and “teasing”- and the adults who are turning a collective blind eye –  instead of trying to impose Camo Personality on little Brittany or Josh? And kids, all you smart, skewed, lovely different ones – you already know the secret, you just have to get out of the gulag. Please pass the isotopes. I’ll see you in the Big World Outside.