OaklandT… and it does, in both a physical and metaphysical way: so voila! Thanks again, Linda Pavonetti and Jim Cipielewski, for having me in your class at Oakland University. And the student evaluations you shared were a great pleasure –

“Kathe Koja is the most challenging young adult author I have read to date.”

“Koja forced me to ‘reexamine that intense, bewildering, exhilarating age’ where friendships are made, and lost, and I suppose I did not really want to go there.”

“Kathe [Koja’s] novels spoke to me in a way that few novels have ever been able to do.”

“Thank you for challenging my thoughts and awakening my voice as a book selector.”

– so thank you, students, for your opinions and ideas, questions and impressions, memories, criticism and praise: thank you for reading the books I wrote. Writing is a solitary business, but with readers like you, it can never be a lonely one.