voya_kojaThough, thankfully, they’re not nearly as rare as the young unicorn, I still found this Edmund White quote to be very apropos:

“For some reason, I never sent off my manuscripts.  Maybe I didn’t know where to mail them; after all, I’d never met a published writer, nor did such a fabulous creature seem to inhabit our Midwestern world, any more than a unicorn might suddenly gallop past my dorm windows.”

[From Rimbaud: The Double Life of a Rebel]

My essay on mentoring just came out in the August ’09 issue of VOYA.  (I’ll be adding a downloadable PDF of the same article shortly.)

The timing’s apropos too, as I’m planning to offer mentoring, or apprenticeships, or – we’ll figure out what to call it later.  Young writers, exceptional young writers, ambitious young writers, I’m looking at you.  See you in the fall.