…is not the question really, is it? because there is no answer.  What to do with those ideas when they come, though, we can endlessly discuss.  I’m working on my presentation-to-come at Oakland University, as part of Jim Cipielewski and Linda Pavonetti’s Authors’ and Illustrators’ Art and Craft course.  Jim Cipielewski said in a recent interview that “The focus of the class is on the aesthetics, the creative process,” and that process is where all the fun is, isn’t it?  I’ll be there July 15th, raising my paddle in the stream of consciousness.

The line-up of guest speakers is a fine one: Lynne Rae Perkins, Nikki Grimes, Molly Bang, Deborah Hopkinson, Janet Wong, William Low, Linda Vaccaro Seeger and Marc Arsonson. I’d love to sit in on every guest’s presentation; it’s exhilarating to hear from so many different perspectives.  There is no One Right Way, just the practice, and isn’t that a delight.