Free expression (but do wash your hands) Wednesday, Apr 29 2009 

casscafeMy fave ladies’ room in all the land: at the beautiful Cass Cafe, in midtown Detroit.  Pull up a – well, whatever – and have a read.

The one who told you who you were Friday, Apr 24 2009 

Writing an article for VOYA on mentoring young writers, and thinking with gratitude of my own mentors, the ones in the flesh, the ones on the page (hello, Shirley Jackson).  And thinking, too, of the young writers I’ve worked with and/or encouraged (hi, Lance! Hi, Grace! Hi, Miss Gunpoint Art Teacher!), with pleasure, and gratitude as well: it’s all one conversation, isn’t it?

I’d love to do more work with young writers, but it’s them I want to work with, the self-selected ones who need to be there – their own need – not the kids whose parents (or teachers, or whomever) have sent them to a class or workshop or meeting to develop that wonderful talent of yours, sweetie! Referrals, yes, absolutely.  Being pushed to develop that wonderful etc., no, no, no….There is something pure about a mind encountering a like mind, and it rarely happens by force.

Bow wow! Sunday, Apr 19 2009 

mhsIt’s Bow Wow Brunch day for the Michigan Humane Society – the 20th anniversary, no less.  I’ll be working the silent auction, and enjoying the presence of so many people who come together to care about animals and support the MHS.  The work never stops; the animals need us.  Consider giving some cash, or time, or whatever good stuff you’ve got to your local animal shelter or rescue, or national and international groups like PETA.  You will do more good than you will ever know.

Saluting Ms. Krug Wednesday, Apr 15 2009 

Without people like Judith Krug, writers and readers would inhabit a narrow landscape bound to turn even smaller over time, controlled by those who would impose their fears on us all.

Perhaps Amazon could offer a special “Krug Discount” for its customers?  To show its support of free literary expression?

P.S. Her mom sounds pretty awesome, too.

Detroit and Berlin, sittin’ in a tree Friday, Apr 10 2009 

This reminds me why I love Detroit. If places are too “nice” (or even nice), I can’t breathe there. [Photo: Dequindre Cut.]d-cut

Rank the Writer! Sunday, Apr 5 2009 

501Oh god, this is like eating candy corn: irresistible, if without any lasting nourishment.  501 Great Writers, from your stratospheric (cover boy Beckett, Rimbaud, Dickinson, Dostoevsky) to your contemporary (Sarah Kane, Stephen King, David Mamet) to the entries that will make your eyes roll in outrage (insert your own examples here).  Or better yet, dig the pictures, take notes if necessary, and go off and make your own list. We all have one anyway, don’t we?