Music is such a potent elixir: a song, like a scent (or a drug, come to think of it), seems able to bypass the intellect and go straight to the lizard-brain, with immediate results: we dance, we think of a lost love, we say “Oh! I love this!  Turn it up!”

Floor Candy likes music, mid-70’s David Bowie among others (Hot Chip, Franz Ferdinand, etc. etc. shuffle), and one Bowie song that accesses my lizard-brain is “Hang Onto Yourself.”  So I’ve been asking my near and dear ones “What song makes you instantly 15?” So far, responses range from the Kinks to Squarepusher to Marvin Gaye. What’s yours?

Watch for the rapt girl at the end of this clip: that’s the lizard brain face. She’s adorable.