alansign1alanaudAfter the tower discovery, and getting totally lost on the Riverwalk (What?  It doesn’t go around in a neat circle, like a racetrack? or a moat?), I was at sea. Thankfully, under the benign auspices of both NCTE and ALAN, I was able to pull myself together enough to meet amazing fellow writers – like Barry Lyga and Ellen Hopkins, on our “Negotiating the Edge” panel, moderated by the stalwart and thoughtful Lea Clifton.  Between Sonya Sones’ Authors Only cocktail party, a Monday night happy meal (hi, Cory!), an intense but too-brief lunch (Don and CJ, you’re the best), and a dinner hosted by my publisher, Farrar Straus & Giroux, led by the award-winning Jeanne McDermott, where the only thing more delicious than the dinner was the conversation, I left town with my feet firmly on the ground, metaphorically speaking.