In collaboration with the ASPCA, Cathy Berger Kaye has a new service learning workbook, A Kid’s Guide to Protecting & Caring for Animals. I’m very pleased and proud that Cathy’s chosen to use an excerpt from straydog, paired with several useful and thoughtful Q&A sets, to help get kids thinking about ways in which they can help the animals they see every day, in the daily world around them, and in the larger world we all share.

The workbook gets a whole lot done in just 44 pages, and would make an excellent tool not only in the classroom, but for youth groups, after-school programs, neighborhood groups, animal advocacy groups aimed at kids, etc. – it’s just a great resource. Kids are often the best advocates that animals can have: they’re passionate and eager to help, but just feeling the feelings (“Why is that dog chained up!?”) without acting on them can be painful to kids, and helps no one. Put that rocket fuel to work. Service learning empowers kids: yes, there is something you can do!