Kiss the BEE and welcome home Monday, Jun 30 2008 

Walked in from the trip to Charlevoix, and this was in my in-box. Whee!


Oh Romeo! Monday, Jun 23 2008 

Could it have been more fun? Hanging out with Marissa Goodell – the amazing readers (and writers) I met – the Victorian tales we swapped – the delightful setting – the fruit-and-feta salad at lunch….

No, it could not have been more fun. Marissa, thank you again for having me in your house.

young writers r us Monday, Jun 16 2008 

In the past week or so, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting – in person, by snail- and email – three young writers, high school/early college age. Sometimes I don’t like to use that term, “young writers” — it feels vaguely patronizing. There are good writers at every level of experience; and bad ones. A good young writer will grow up to be a good old writer if s/he keeps at it. A bad writer is a bad writer is a bad writer.

I love meeting young writers for two reasons. I always enjoy meeting colleagues who are excited about writing, about the work they want to do, the plans they have, the ambitions — and young writers are so often energized, excited, exciting writers. So that’s cool reason #1.

Cool reason #2 is, I’m a reader. I want to keep reading good stories and novels, seeing good plays, etc., forever and ever. And they’re the ones who are going to be writing them. So thank you in advance, you guys, “young” writers, new writers, good writers.

On the road Wednesday, Jun 4 2008 

To Charlevoix, Michigan, vacation spot extraordinaire. I’ll be meeting teen readers – all readers – and signing books on June 26, at the Charlevoix Public Library, as an adjunct to Rick Lieder‘s appearance there. Rick and I don’t often get the chance to travel together for work, so this is a pleasure in a double sense.

In the district of Romeo Sunday, Jun 1 2008 

. . . doesn’t that sound Shakespearean? I’ll be there June 21, as a guest of awesome YA librarian Marissa Goodell, speaking at the Romeo District Library.

We’ll start at 1:30 PM, kicking off the library’s teen summer reading program: its theme is “Metamorphosis,” than which there can be none more appropriate for young people. (Whee, grammar!)  At what time of our lives does the rollercoaster of change speed, swerve, plunge and rocket more alluringly, terrifyingly, or to such good purpose — along with those maddening moments when it feels like you’re stranded on miles of dead track, with nothing happening and no future in sight?

Marissa and I have already had some very rich back-and-forth on Headlong, so I’m thinking we’ll be discussing that, as well as Kissing the Bee, YA novels in general, writing in general, metamorphosis, and anything else that sits up and asks for attention. Oh, and signing some books, too. Hope to see you there. . . Is it coincidental that a character in a book I’m now writing is named “Juliet”?