It’s not that the ’08 days will contain more hours – the standard 24-per is going to have to do. But there’s a stack of books – big books – big, delicious books (several mysteries, Mel Gussow’s Albee biography, the inimitable Jessica Mitford’s Hons and Rebels, not the newest Talleyrand bio – that’s this, but J.F. Bernard’s) waiting to be read, and a queue’s-worth of seriously-must-see movies. And I hear La Rondine calling. And these babes!

Then there’s my new blog, just about to launch….

So truly, I must get more creative with my time-management skills in the New Year. I can’t sleep less, so I must learn to – bilocate? Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

And have a very Happy New one, yourself, however happiness is best defined. A good friend once sent holiday cards with the tagline, “Merry Christmas! Hope you and yours get what you deserve this year!” So there’s that to think about, too. I hope mine has puppets in it.