XTerminal on LiveJournal, after giving Kissing the Bee a ravishing review, went on to say this:

I was sad when I found out that Kathe Koja would no longer be writing adult novels, but she has certainly translated her talent wholesale into the young adult arena.

Now I’m sad. Not, of course, about the lovely praise for the book, but about the seemingly pervasive notion that I’ve totally given up writing for adults. This isn’t true, everybody. Every morning, at nine AM or thereabouts, I am at my desk, writing a new novel. For adults.

In fact, I’m about to start a brand-new blog all about the experience of writing this book, the subject, the research, the tremendous fun I’m having. . . .Much of it is purely extra-fictional — information and lore, odd facets and historical facts — things I’ve loved to learn but don’t want to forcibly shoehorn in and disrupt the story. Hence, the blog-to-be.

Until then, think of me at nine AM, writing away.