Here is why no movie ever made (except possibly parts of Barton Fink, and correct me if I’m wrong) (seriously, I’d love to be wrong on this one) – ever gets the creative process right: Stephin Merritt in studio, and Bob Boilen pointing out how, um, static it all looks from the outside. Nothing against Boilen, who is usually pretty awesome, but – what did you expect? Fireworks? A magnificently furrowed brow? Musical notes floating in the air above his head?

It’s, yes, boring to look at. Musicians, artists – anybody creative – there is nothing more boring than watching someone write. Especially now that we don’t crumple up that sheet of typing paper anymore.

Maybe this bothered me more because I really really like Stephin Merritt’s work. Anyone who can write “The Meaning of Lice” can watch paint dry with me anytime.