Our troika signing – Helen Frost, Sarah Miller, and I – was a true blast. I batted clean-up, and so was able to just sit back and enjoy.

First was Helen’s photo presentation (the cliffs of Barra, the wild waters of Mingulay, settings for her novel The Braid) and her explanation of the book’s intricate, braided structure; both Sarah and I were laughing in amazement; seriously. What Helen did in that book is a feat.

Then I got to hear from Sarah, reading a harrowing, compelling chapter from Miss Spitfire, and sharing the book’s genesis as well as some particularly inspirational source material. It was like being the audience, and I loved it. No wonder people come to readings – being read to is a pleasure most of us have to relinquish when we learn to read all by ourselves.

And then of course I read, and talked a bit about Kissing the Bee, and we signed lots of books, and signed each other’s books (except someone’s “borrowed” my copy of The Braid and hasn’t returned it yet, you know who you are…you’d better, because I’ve forgotten, OK?), and hung out talking, and dug through our goodie bags courtesy of the BookBeat (including some treats from Pinwheel Bakery, oh yeah).

Some days my job is sadly like pushing a peanut through sharp gravel up a steep and endless hill, but – not Sunday. Ladies, you rock. Thanks again, Colleen!