Are there — there must be — YA novels that tap into the iconic power of plumage, of how we dress to gain or display status, to express and explain ourselves, to make ourselves one with a tribe? Clothing and display has such tremendous importance in our teen years — well, any years, but then the identification with the chosen group (skater, stoner, loner, prep, whatever) is paramount in a way it almost never is again (except maybe in boardrooms?), so how we look packs extra wallop.

What made me reflect on this was the memory of a pair of shoes I had back in the 70’s, still remembered fondly: six-inch dark rose-pink corduroy platform wedgies. Man, were those shoes something. I was a god in those shoes. Platforms and wedges are back, but that particular pair gleams in the mists of history. . .Anyway, who’s rocking this topic in YA?