Although there are certain movies I adore (Blue Velvet, House of Games, Blade Runner, Talk To Her, Chinatown, Brokeback Mountain, fifty times fifty others I’ll think of the nanosecond I hit “Publish”), at heart I’m not really a movie gal; I’m a theater person. Not because I’ve seen oodles of shows ( I haven’t) or because I have a performing background (nope). What I love about theater is its inherent tightrope quality, that this story, this surface tension of feeling and action and character and prop and pacing is happening here, now, this second, not ever to be repeated exactly, entirely this way: and it can all fall apart in a heartbeat. So exhilarating!

I’ve done a lot of research about puppet/performing object theater this past year, and I’d gladly do years more; it is fascinating. What people have conceived and created, the boundaries transcended, the fierce, feral, comic, sensuous life achieved by wood and string and leather….Whew. I hope to make my own work a fitting homage to those actors, human and non-, who have made the world anew every time the curtains part. Bravo!