Now that Kissing the Bee is about to be released, it’s come back to the forefront of my mind, and become new again. A book is newest, of course, when it’s in the process of being written; these days, when people ask me, “How’s the new book going?” they mean Kissing the Bee, but I think of the book I’m writing (which is so new I’m not even talking about it yet), and my answer is “Good!” Which works for both.

But there’s a third, too, called Headlong, that will come out just about a year from now. So that book is no longer “new” — it’s written, my editor loves it, the copy editor has already had at it (and thank god for that, though that’s another post: The Copy Editor, or, I’m So Glad You Caught That!) — and I won’t see it again for awhile. So, does that mean I have three “new” books? (And Talk will be coming out in paperback from Square Fish this winter: four new books!)

Seeing Kissing the Bee just about to arrive in the world, reading the first reviews, setting up events: now it’s official, it’s taking wing, gone from my hand and into yours. To you, it’s brand-new: and my part is to wait and see what you have to say about what I’ve done, what Dana and Avra and Emil will say to you, mean to you, become to you, as you read about them. Which will make it new, in a totally different way, to me.