Spending five days with kids, dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, reptiles, and a day trip to the Detroit Zoo to visit the rescued polar bears!? So this is heaven, right? The terrestrial edition, for sure: all next week I’m assisting the mighty Kim Korona at the Summer Tails Day Camp, courtesy of the Michigan Humane Society, at the Detroit Center for Animal Care.

MHS is out there working day and night to improve the lives of animals in need, and save the lives of animals threatened by cruelty and neglect. And one of the most important ways they serve that mission is through humane education. Which means educating kids about the animals with whom we share this world, and supporting the kids who are already on the path of compassion and care….who then go on, exponentially, to spread the word, save the animals, and save the world.

Go kids! Go animals! Go MHS!

(And – if you haven’t already – spay and neuter your companion animals, PLEASE.)