Happy tails, campers! Thursday, Jul 26 2007 

Spending five days with kids, dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, reptiles, and a day trip to the Detroit Zoo to visit the rescued polar bears!? So this is heaven, right? The terrestrial edition, for sure: all next week I’m assisting the mighty Kim Korona at the Summer Tails Day Camp, courtesy of the Michigan Humane Society, at the Detroit Center for Animal Care.

MHS is out there working day and night to improve the lives of animals in need, and save the lives of animals threatened by cruelty and neglect. And one of the most important ways they serve that mission is through humane education. Which means educating kids about the animals with whom we share this world, and supporting the kids who are already on the path of compassion and care….who then go on, exponentially, to spread the word, save the animals, and save the world.

Go kids! Go animals! Go MHS!

(And – if you haven’t already – spay and neuter your companion animals, PLEASE.)

Antichamber Design, remix Wednesday, Jul 25 2007 

Do you like the way my website looks? Want to see what else that awesome designer can do? Look here.

And if you happen to be in or around Ferndale, MI this weekend, check out Purple Onion Productions’ Day & Night at the Ringwald: four plays in two acts, “Day” being comedy, “Night” being drama. And while you’re there, revel in the stunning signage and design from, yes, Antechambre.

CREEM Thursday, Jul 19 2007 

As a teenager, I discovered CREEM in the magazine rack at our tiny, crowded neighborhood party store, and it was absolutely love at first sight. The magazine’s ferociously irreverent attitude informed my humor – Lester Bangs, and, later, Rick Johnson (and later still, J. Kordosh) left me helpless with laughter – as its coverage of artists like David Bowie and Patti Smith helped develop my musical tastes. (Its constant mockery of Rush didn’t hurt, either.)

But maybe what mattered most to teenaged me was the proof in its pages — the proof of its pages — that someone out there thought and said and did the things that I formlessly yearned for and imagined, lived the life I was sure I wanted, and made themselves laugh as they did it all. You can’t know how much all of that meant to me.

So I was startled and very grieved to learn recently that Rick Johnson had died in the spring of 2006. Now I’ll never get the chance to thank him for the pleasure he gave me with the utter Dada brilliance of his prose. John Kordosh, if you ever read this, thank you, too.

M v. W II Tuesday, Jul 17 2007 

Rick points out both The Atrocity Exhibition (W) and Weasels Ripped My Flesh (M). And then there’s Neon Bible (The): Arcade Fire and John Kennedy Toole.

This is kind of addictive.

Music vs. words Tuesday, Jul 17 2007 

Or, rather, album titles vs. book titles: why are the former consistently cooler? Trompe le Monde. Good News for People Who Love Bad News. Fox Confessor Brings the Flood. Yours Truly, Angry Mob. And (of course) Gimme Fiction. On the literary side of the aisle, I see Why the Tree Loves the Ax, but then it gets pretty quiet pretty quick.

Rappahannock Foundation Sunday, Jul 15 2007 

I’m very proud and very thrilled to announce that I am the inaugural recipient of a grant from the Rappahannock Foundation for the Arts and Education.

Thank you, foundation trustees! Thank you, Dr. Jane Schaberg! I’ll do my best to justify your faith in my work, and make the most of the time and freedom this awesome grant provides.

Wild light Wednesday, Jul 11 2007 

This is what your eyes are for: Wild Light. That the little creatures with whom we share the planet are this lovely, this busy, this fierce, this amazing … it’s a daily miracle, up close beside you, literally under your feet, every single day.

Our world is so heartbreakingly beautiful.