I’m set to do a couple of readings this weekend, one at the Ann Arbor Book Festival (4 PM Saturday, in the Modern Language Building), the other as part of Berkley’s Read in the Park.  Sometimes I find when I’m reading aloud in public, I get so caught up in the material that it really is like thinking aloud, the words spooling out in a rhythm of their own.  When it’s going well,  it’s a lot of fun.

Although you’ve got to be careful.  Much of what I write makes visual sense on the page — a character’s thoughts delineated from her spoken words by italics, say — but its meaning may be changed or unclear if read aloud verbatim.  So I have to make sure the same sense is conveyed to the listener as it would be to the silent reader. …Ah, all the punctuation and typographic weapons in the print arsenal.  Bang on, semi-colon – I love you!