Ahead to A2 Saturday, Apr 28 2007 

The marathon week at Troy has ended – and so has my voice, but I’ll have time to recover before visiting the Ann Arbor Book Festival, May 18th and 19th, to read (from my new novel due out this fall, Kissing the Bee) , meet other writers and readers, schmooze, mingle, buy books of course, and just enjoy the A2 ambiance – one of my favorite cities, for sure. Hey, Zanzibar , got any Dry Desert Lime tea brewed?


Q & A Thursday, Apr 26 2007 

Roaming the middle school audience, mic in hand, I heard some terrific questions today, surprising, droll, insightful: How do you pick your characters’ names? Do you ever watch “Family Guy”? Who’s influenced you the most: not only as a writer, but as a person? Troy, you have some amazing students, no doubt about it.

One more school’s in the offing: Troy High. Will my voice hold out, or disappear into the croak it threatens? Will I drop my bag in the parking lot puddles — again? Tune in tomorrow….

Midweek at Troy Wednesday, Apr 25 2007 

Terrific student writers, lively Q&A sessions, friendly and welcoming teachers and media specialists – I’m halfway through my weeklong visit with the Troy, Michigan middle and high schools and I’m having a blast. You should have heard some of the questions I got today – we could have gone on for another hour, easy. I just hope my voice holds out until Friday afternoon – more bottled water, please….

Whirlwind week Monday, Apr 23 2007 

My visit last week to the Caroline Kennedy Library in Dearborn Heights, MI, was great. It’s always a treat for me to meet with young writers, hear about what they’re working on, their slumps and their triumphs, and this was an especially intriguing bunch. Thanks again to Julie B. for inviting me (and for the pizza) (and the salad, too, of course).

Over the weekend, I volunteered at one of the Michigan Humane Society’s coolest annual events: the Bow Wow Brunch. An afternoon spent at a swanky hotel, dressed up (in high heels, even – so unlike me!), surrounded by animal people – what’s not to love? And all of it to help the MHS continue to serve the animals who need them (and us) so much. What a marvelous day. And you should have seen the white kitten with the raccoon tail….

Tomorrow’s the first day of a week’s worth of visits with the middle and high schools of the Troy, MI school district. I’ll be talking about (and reading from) Buddha Boy and straydog, discussing more student writing, and, and, and. Let the fun begin.

Welcome everybody …. Wednesday, Apr 18 2007 

Welcome to my blog, which I hope will be a more efficient way for me to let you know what’s happening with my books, school visits and presentations I’m doing, book festivals and appearances…well, you get the idea. Looking forward to keeping more up-to-date with you all!